What Are Akashic Records

The Akashic Record is a realm of consciousness containing an energetic imprint of each Soul’s journey through all lifetimes. It is a sacred dimension where Heaven and Earth meet; referred to in the world’s major religions, and previously accessible only to a few spiritual leaders. Today, consciousness on Earth is shifting. Many are striving to align our existence more fully with spiritual essence. Now we all can access this powerful, healing, spiritual resource.

Who We Are:

A network of certified Akashic practitioners and teachers

Where We Are:

Our membership currently represents 11 states and Australia (many of our members travel to teach, so we are not limited to our home locations) Click here for a geographic list of our members.

What We Do:

  • Our members are available for an individual Akashic Consultation (reading) which can take place in person, by phone, or by Skype. Click Here to schedule a personal consultation.
  • We teach others to open their own Akashic Records, in order to make this infinite Spiritual Resource available 24/7 for the purposes of insight, information, healing, creativity, support, and many other potential applications.
  • We teach how to responsibly open the records of others.

Click here to view a calendar of classes.

Our Unique offerings:

Many of us have expertise in other healing arts, and are pioneering the integration of Akashic Consciousness with modalities such as acupuncture, cranial sacral work, astrology, and psychotherapy. Click here for a list of unique offerings by our Network Members.

Our Mission and Purpose:

  • To support each other in our ongoing development and work in the Akashic Records
  • To Share the Light of the Akasha with integrity and compassion through consultations and classes, thereby empowering others to access and utilize this infinite healing resource.