Whether you are exploring the Akashic Records for your own fulfillment,  a Practitioner who reads for others, or a Teacher of the Akashic Records,  we would love for you to join us as we all work to spread the light in our own unique ways.

We have several levels of membership, which one is right for you?

Participating Membership ~~ ( $9.99  a month ) This membership is a subscription to The Akashic Network. There are no requirements to join, other than your own interest.  With this membership you will be invited to The Akashic Network private Facebook group where you can meet and interact with other members, find others for reading exchanges, and explore topics.  Our experienced teachers will respond to questions and do our best to support your journey.    You will also be invited to attend our monthly video ( or teleconference if you prefer ) conferences on a range of topics.  These are usually open Records events, where we share and learn together as within the Records.  You can sign up by clicking here


Practitioner Membership ~~ ( $50 initial administration fee, $12  a month starting the second month ).  This membership requires evidence of practitioner experience, training, and /or certification by a recognized organization.  We strive to be open and flexible, as we encourage diversity on our Website, and also do our best to determine that practitioners who list on our site have a level of expertise.  This membership also entitles you to membership in The Akashic Network private FB group, and  attendance at our monthly video-conferences.  In addition, practitioners are listed on our website practitioner page by location, language, and with links to websites ( or email for those who do not have websites ).  As a member practitioner you may use The Akashic Network logo in order to let your potential clients know that you are a part of a larger organization with standards for practice.  Please contact us at info@TheAkashicNetwork to learn more and to join.


Teacher Membership ~~  ( $75.00 initial administration fee, $12 a month starting the second month )

This level of membership is for individuals who meet our standards as teachers of the Akashic Records.  In addition to all of the benefits listed above ( private FB group, monthly video conferences ) you will be listed on both our Practitioner Page and Teacher Page  with links to your website ( or email ). Your listing on our teacher page includes a picture and short bio.  You may also post your classes on our calendar, and on our Public Facebook Page.    Akashic Teachers can also post on our website Blog. To learn more and join The Akashic Network as  Teacher, contact info@TheAkashicNetwork.com.